Size & Fit Guide

Fitting Guide

Selecting the right fit type for our clients creates the foundation for the overall fit. Generally speaking, we determine the fit type by discussing our client’s preferences for fashion and comfort and match their preferences to the appropriate fit type.  

Modern Fit (Trim fit)

As you will notice by comparing the specifications on our guide chart of the Modern (Trim) Fit vs. Classic (Regular) Fit, the Modern Fit has 4 inches of fit allowance added to the Chest vs. 5 inches for Classic Fit. The other main difference is a trimmer armhole, bicep and sleeve end. The Modern Fit is best suited to a person who wants their clothes to fit closer to their body, particularly in the chest and armhole area.  Typically, this is a person with an overall lean physique.   

Note: While a muscular or heavy‐set person may want a close fit, if they have very large biceps you may want to use the Classic Fit and then go with a smaller size (by decreasing the chest measurement) so that you end up with a bit more room in the armhole and bicep area. Classic Fit (Regular fit) As previously mentioned, the Classic Fit has 5 inches of fit allowance at the Chest.  This fit allowance will be suitable for the majority of men. 

Classic Fit (Regular fit)

The Classic Fit is typically suited to men who look for a clean fit that is comfortable.  They generally prefer a balance between comfort and fashion and are less interested in having their clothes fit close to the body. Relaxed Fit (Easy fit) The Relaxed Fit has 6 inches of fit allowance at the Chest and the largest armhole, bicep and sleeve end.   This fit type is best suited to a man who either prefers a somewhat oversized look, or simply prefers comfort over fashion and does not want to feel the clothes close to the body.  In today’s marketplace this is the least common set of preferences.

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